Discworld Convention 2010

The 2006 Discworld Convention

Another Discworld Convention, and I think the best one yet.
This is despite the fact that I spent large chunks of it either rigging the stage
or rehearsing for the play, and saw precisely 3 (three) programme items
(an observation, not a complaint).

I did not go to bed before 01:30 on any night.
Nor did I get up after 08:00 on any morning.
My maximum amount of sleep was 5.30 hours, my minimum 3 hours.
I drank a little too much beer (mmm, Old Speckled Hen),
and on a couple of nights a little too much single malt whisky.
I met a lot of old friends, and made a lot of new ones.
I loved every single minute of it.
I have volunteered for Committe next time.
See you there.

Oh, and we won the Maskerade.
(With help from Sheila Wicks)
My cup runneth over.

I took over 300 pictures over the weekend this time, and have whittled it down
to about 250 for this page. I think 250 thumbnails in one go is a bit much,
so I'll break it down by days.
Most of them are on Saturday (Maskerade) and Sunday (Gala Dinner).
I started putting in explanatory captions, but got bored partway through.


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